Thomas Zhang

Recurse Center W2’22

I participated in the Winter 2, 2022 batch at the Recurse Center.

This page lists some of the projects I worked on. Some are experimental and not very polished.

A little grey cat
A procedurally generated pixel art world and soundtrack, deterministically computed on the fly by hashing coordinates.
Hyperbolic tilings
Visualization of uniform hyperbolic tilings in the Poincaré disk, implemented with WebGL2. Source on GitHub.
Visual synth
A simple synth built with the Web Audio API with a graphical UI for controlling each partial in the harmonic series.
Lox interpreter
A tree-walk interpreter for the Lox language written in TypeScript, based on the implementation in Crafting Interpreters.
TAPL implementations
(In-progress) interpreter and typechecker implementations given in Types and Programming Languages by Benjamin C. Pierce, rewritten in Haskell as a learning exercise while reading the book.